KARPLEN Consultants is committed to integrating HSE excellence into their business activities to ensure the safety and security of their employees, contractors, visitors, the communities and the environment they operate in. HSE excellence is a core value of KARPLEN and which will meet or exceed all applicable HSE and security laws, regulations and other requirements to which they subscribe such as Responsible Care. They operate their facilities in a manner consistent with those laws and regulations, and urgently respond to any emergency situation that may originate from the construction operations. KARPLEN is committed to the Care Guiding Principles and to continually improving their HSE performance & will not be satisfied until they reach their goal of zero injuries and zero environmental nonconformance.

The following principles are guiding KARPLEN in their journey to zero injuries.

KARPLEN’S HSE Strategies to Support their Policy

KARPLEN success is depending upon respecting and following the principles of this policy.