KARPLEN ConsultantsQuality assurance (QA) refers to the engineering activities implemented in a quality system so that equirements for a certain goal or service will be fulfilled. It is the systematic measurement, comparison with a standard, monitoring of processes and an associated feedback loop that confers error prevention.
Two principles included in QA are:
* The end product should be sustainable & suitable for the intended purpose; where mistakes should be eliminated.
* QA includes management of the quality of materials, assemblies, products and components, services related to production, and management, production and inspection processes.

Company Quality

KARPLEN Consultants, departments had approached quality with an open mind & success where as their management led the quality improvement process.
KARPLEN quality approach places an emphasis on four aspects:-
1- Elements such as controls, job management, adequate processes, performance and integrity criteria and identification of records.
2- Competence such as knowledge, skills, experience & qualifications
3- Soft elements, such as personnel integrity, confidence, organizational culture, motivation, team spirit and quality relationships.
4- Infrastructure which enhances their limits functionality.

The quality of the outputs is at risk if any of these aspects is deficient. KARPLEN’s QA is applied to the following:
•  Design work at the office
•  Monitoring & supervision of works on site
•  Testing construction materials such as cement, sand, gravel, steel, masonry & curtain walls materials.
•  Testing the consultation soil site for a sound bearing capacity.
•  Testing replacement soils & back filling.
• Acquiring valid certificates for main equipment’s such as transformers, gen sets, chillers and other A/C equipment’s.

Our QA also comprises a quality improvement process, which is generic in the sense it can be applied to any of these activities and it establishes a behaviour pattern, which supports the achievement of quality & is supported by quality management practices which can include a number of systems and which are usually specific to the building activities
In construction activities, these practices can be equated to the models for quality assurance defined by the International Standards contained in specified Specifications for quality systems.

KARPLEN’s approach is comprehensive and through; our goal is for all programs to achieve quality results, every time. We use a system approach for consistency and clarity which are implemented by:
•  Attention to detail
•  Managed expectations
•  Clear communication
•  Follow-through
•  Mutual accountability
•  Feedback loops to measure and evaluate

More over their focus on quality is on 100% inspection of details critical to project success. We ensure that all team members understand their role and responsibility in contributing to quality projects.