The essence of the firm is the collective talent of its professionals and the manner in which their individual skills are co-ordinated for the efficient solution of architectural, engineering and planning problems, The organization of KARPLEN Consultants is shaped by its many years of experience and as exhibited by the organizational Chart is composed of the following major sections, each being headed by the relevant Director:.

Planning and Housing Consultancy Services,
Architectural Consultancy Services
Engineering, Consultancy Services,
Contract Administration, Supervision and Project Management Consultancy Services.

Depending on the nature of the project, the planning and or design team is composed from the relevant full-time professionals. Where necessary other professionals from local and international Consultants who associate with KARPLEN are incorporated into the team. Likewise is the supervision team.

The Project Team-Leader who is always of KARPLEN directors is responsible for client services and control of the project.

KARPLEN directors participate jointly in each project to formulate the concept, to select the optimum alternative, to ensure suitability of basic scheduling and cost estimates, to assign sufficient qualified personnel to maintain scheduling progress, and to ensure careful control of costs and adequacy of technical determinations and competence.