About - Directors in Brief

Abdel Wahab A. Rahman Salih

Managing Director B.Sc. (Hons) Arch, FSIA, CSEC

Abdel Wahab, the principal partner of Karplen Consultants, is the founder of one of the first Architectural offices in Sudan in 1967 which he developed into Karplen Consultants in 1977 to date. Abdel Wahab is a professional Architect with experience in all types of buildings, specially in office building and commercial buildings design, highly skilled in management and all technical aspects of detailing, programming, specification of contract documentation and construction management.

Mohamed Makki

Mohamed Makki Ahmed

Director B.Sc. Civil Eng. CBI, FSES, CSEC

Mohamed Makki, Civil Eng , Ministry of Works 1957-67, Assistant Managing Director for Engineering Sudanese Estates Bank 1967 – 73 and own private office 1973-77. Since he joined Karplen as a partner in 1977 he has been responsible for Structural and Civil Engineering design and construction management and supervision of major projects. Makki is one of the leading Sudanese Structural Engineers with very high. Professional skills in Management, design and quality control.

Ahmed Abboud

Ahmed Abboud Elsherif

Director B.Sc. Arch, MSIA, ESEC

Ahmed Abboud Co-founder with Abdel Wahab of the first architectural offices which developed into Karplen Consultants, Abboud, who is Karplen’s projects architect responsible for coordination, design development, working drawings, cost estimation and production of tender documents and for construction supervision of major projects, is a highly skilled Professional architect with artistic talents.

Awad El Karim

Awad El Karim M. Ahmed

Director B.Sc. (Hons.) Arch. M Phil Planning, FSIA, CSEC

Awad El Karim, Following Public service since graduation in 1967 up to the post of Director of Physical Planning Administration and Deputy Director General of Dept. of Housing 1980, joined Karplen in 1981 as the Partner responsible for Development planning Awad El Karim who is contributing to all Karplen’s Major Planning and architectural projects, is a Professional Architect Planner and one of the leading Urban Designers in Sudan, with a specialist skills in urban structure planning and community Housing development.